Invented by Ricardo Jara, Loved by All.

it all started with an idea.

"Necessity is the mother of invention," and for a masterful and passionate stylist like Ricardo Jara, it couldn't be more true. He took Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a painful hand condition, and turned it into an opportunity!

Rather than give up on the technical benefits of a great balayage board, he created a whole new concept that stylists around the world are using to perfect their hair painting. 

...A new balayage board was born

One day, Ricardo realized he could avoid wrist strain by holding his balayage board the way he held his phone... with a swivel-ring.

Colortrak loved the idea, and we jumped to help him make it a reality. Since introducing his revolutionary concept in 2018, stylists everywhere have been raving about the comfort and ease of our new Palette Board. 

"...So I always had the wheels turning in creating something that would rotate and swivel. Then I got gifted a cell phone ring by my best friend and the rest was just like a light bulb going off." –Ricardo Jara


The Benefits:

360° Swivel

Strain and pain is no joke for stylists, which is why Colortrak is constantly looking to solve REAL industry problems with ergonomic designs, like a 360 rotating grip.

Custom Placement

We believe a more comfortable stylist has more energy to focus on creativity. You can place your grip wherever you want it, for more creative control and comfort!

Easy Grip

Let's be real, palette boards are tough to use until you get the hang of them! We knew Ricardo's swivel-grip idea would be a better alternative for everyone.