Professional Colorist Kit Colortrak | Salon Professional Stylist Tool Set
Colortrak Tools Professional Colorist Kit | Professional Salon Color Kit
Professional Color Tools | Colortrak Kit for Professional Colorists

Professional Colorist Kit | Salon Color Tools


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  • 4pk Croc Clips: section and hold large amounts of hair with rubber finish ensures to no slipping
  • 1 beaker: measures your color and developer accurately
  • 1 whisk: quickly and easily mixes formulas
  • 1 duo color brush: metal pin tail on one side, color brush on the other
  • assorted 3pk color brushes: assorted widths for all your hair coloring needs
  • 1 pair black reusable gloves (size M): lightweight and powder free
  • 1 color bowl: stackable bowl with measurement markings
  • 50ct pop-up hair coloring foil: pre-cut 5”x11” sheets for easy use
  • 1 black wind-up salon timer