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Seeing is Believing.

Gone are the days of checking and replacing messy stacks of foil– our color control film gives you the clarity you need. 

Colortrak Color Control Film for Balayage, Hair Painting
colortrak Color Control Film Layered Bleaching
Colortrak Color Control Film
Color Control Film, Professional Hair Foil Alternative

Color-Control Film

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Our latest film is an industry first! We developed an entirely REUSABLE, pre-cut poly-film that stays in place while giving you a perfect glimpse of every layer. This makes complex layering and vivid styles easier than ever. 

Our latest breakthrough takes everything you love about cling-free film and makes it better! These pre-cut sheets offer superior control through every phase of the hair coloring process, giving you a firm yet flexible surface for advanced techniques like freehand coloring and face framing. 

Introducing Color Control Film

This color-control film is the perfect combination of firm and flexible– stacking effortlessly while giving you a clear view of your masterpiece as it unfolds. 

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hair coloring film for lightening
hair coloring film for hair painting
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Cling-free and pre-cut for masterful lightening, freehand coloring, balayage and more