Create the Look: Pastel-Perfect Macaron

They’re more than just a French pastry; it’s the latest hair trend! Check out how our Colotrak Ambassadors @omgartistry@mckenna__mckenna and @deathbycouture reinvented macaroons using our color brushes! Learn more about our Colortrak Ambassadors, some of the industry's best hair colorists and educators, on our new Ambassador page




Formula 1 (Darker “edge” colors)
Teal: Pulp Riot Aquatic + Seaglass, Blue: Pulp Riot Nightfall + Powder, Purple: Joico Amethyst + Clear

Formula 2 (Lighter pastel colors “Marbling”)
Light pink: Pulp Riot Cupid + Blush, Teal: Pulp Riot Aquatic + Seaglass, Blue: Joico Sky, Purple: Joico Amethyst + Clear

Formula 3 (“Pop!” Colors)
Pink: Pulp Riot Cupid + Blush, Teal blue: Pulp Riot Aquatic + Nightfall + Seaglass + Powder



Start by parting out your prelightened model. Part out a horseshoe section up around the crown, then section from nape up.


Section 1 inch scoop (U) sections up to horseshoe section of the crown. Be sure to clip each section out with Colortrak Clips!


Starting from the bottom of the ears down, use Formula 1. These are the bolder, darker colors that really help everything to pop when brought forward and styled.


In these sections take small 1 inch drop sections from the scoop partings and paint each 1 inch drop section solidly.


Use Colortrak Meche to seperate sections.


As you work your way up above the ear, continue to take 1 inch drop sections and begin to use Formula 2. You have the artistic freedom to marble any of these colors from roots to ends throughout these sections. Even creating feathering patterns , or v shapes when applying the color will enhance the look.


Using the Colortrak Candy paddle will help you to really drive the color in and saturate the hair evenly.


Be sure to leave out some of the models blonde hair in between the marbled sections. This helped us create more of the Macaroon look.


When you get up to the horseshoe section, part out small triangle where the “fringe” would live, and clip the fringe out of the way.

STEP 10:

Diagonally part out horseshoe section. Within these diagonal partings, marble lightest colors in formula 2 in 1 inch drop sections.

STEP 11:

When you get to the fringe section, use Formula 3. This acts as the “Money piece” in the look. We made this section bold in color to mimic the dark colors swirled throughout the macaroons. Do not marble these sections, instead do what you did for the nape sections, creating a more solid look in this area.

STEP 12:

Again, use Colortrak Meche to seperate the more solid areas so they do not disturb the marbled areas.

STEP 13:

When finished let sit for min of 25 min. Shampoo and condition with cool water.

STEP 14: 
Style and enjoy! You've just experienced how colors speak louder than words. Don't forget to tag @Colortrak and #colortrak, so we can see what you've created.

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