Colortrak Classics

Meet the classics. The industry’s preferred professional hair tools, in Black.

Jungle Paradise

Get ready to go wild with our new Jungle Paradise collection for professional hairstylists. Inspired by the lush jungles and rainforests of our planet, this collection is all about adding some vibrant pops of color to your client's hair. With a 400ct pop-up foil, a coloring bowl with lid, a set of two brushes, a pro-pack, and a 4 pack of croc clips, this collection has everything you need to experience paradise. Trust us, your clients will be roaring with delight at their new bold, exotic look. Unleash your inner jungle and create some stunning looks with our Jungle Paradise collection!


Use Not only will you be amazed by the exquisite and ergonomic craftsmanship and style of our Peritwinkle Wands brushes, but you will also find yourself captivated by their beauty. Prepare to be transported to a world of wonder and enchantment as you experience all that they have to offer when creating your client's best look..


Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic and ethereal realm, Colortrak's newest collection, Gothica, guarantees to elevate any hairstyle to a work of art. With profound hues of blood-red and midnight blacks, Gothica encapsulates the essence of darkness and mystical allure. Whether you seek to infuse a touch of horror into your eerie costume party or craft an otherworldly appearance, Gothica stands as the ultimate solution. So, immerse yourself in the depths of the underworld and unleash your inner supernatural essence with Gothica – the exquisite and enchanting fall collection..

Shop Canyon Skies

Prepare to take hair styling to the next level with this new collection of professional hairstylist tools inspired by the beautiful canyon skies. With layers of colors resembling cliffs and rocks, these tools are sure to give your tresses the perfect blend of color and depth. From the subtle hues of pinks and blues found in upper layers, to oranges and mochas on the floor, these sky-inspired tools will make your hair look like a masterpiece by Mother Nature herself! Perfect for creating updos worthy of royal events or adding volume for more casual dos, you won't have any ordinary creations with this unique collection in your arsenal. Get ready to unlock maximum creativity with each brush stroke as you admire your work all thanks to the inspiring canyons.

Sweet Treats

Life is sweet with our Sweet Treats Duo Pop-Up Foil. Get the best of both heavenly worlds with our Neapolitan foil that oozes Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry goodness, and because we miss the days of ice cream parties and sundae stations, we added rainbow sprinkles to our Strawberry ice cream foil. Sounds like a great excuse to treat yo'self if you ask us.


Get ready for Colortrak's Solar Return, and let the stars unveil your destiny with the new Zodiac Collection! Reconsider your routine, and let this beautiful purple & pink design be an omen of new beginnings and welcome change at your station. Redefined themes of art and creativity are on the horizon. Embrace them, and allow the Universe to guide you to infinite abundance and success behind the chair.

Pop Kiss

All you need is love, and our POP Kiss Printed Pop-Up Foil. Like every colorist's dream, this creative foil dispensing solution is designed to give stylists the creative freedom and efficiency they need to succeed on a daily basis..