Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic and ethereal realm, Colortrak's newest collection, Gothica, guarantees to elevate any hairstyle to a work of art. With profound hues of blood-red and midnight blacks, Gothica encapsulates the essence of darkness and mystical allure. Whether you seek to infuse a touch of horror into your eerie costume party or craft an otherworldly appearance, Gothica stands as the ultimate solution. So, immerse yourself in the depths of the underworld and unleash your inner supernatural essence with Gothica – the exquisite and enchanting fall collection..

Shop Canyon Skies

Prepare to take hair styling to the next level with this new collection of professional hairstylist tools inspired by the beautiful canyon skies. With layers of colors resembling cliffs and rocks, these tools are sure to give your tresses the perfect blend of color and depth. From the subtle hues of pinks and blues found in upper layers, to oranges and mochas on the floor, these sky-inspired tools will make your hair look like a masterpiece by Mother Nature herself! Perfect for creating updos worthy of royal events or adding volume for more casual dos, you won't have any ordinary creations with this unique collection in your arsenal. Get ready to unlock maximum creativity with each brush stroke as you admire your work all thanks to the inspiring canyons.

Enchanted Wands

Step into an enchanted forest full of beautiful color brushes, created for professional hairstylists. These magical color brushes bring lips of fairies, magical trees, and the mystical king and queen from the enchanted forest to life on hair. Transform your clients' hair color aspirations by using these color brushes, which will truly transport them (and you!) to a place filled with enchantment and wonder – all without leaving your salon chair.