Extra Wide = Extra Coverage

They say bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to color brushes, we would disagree.

Colortrak Wide Brushes Wide Color Brushes, Hair Stylist Tools

Early in 2018 we introduced the biggest additions to our already huge selection of professional hair coloring tools. Colortrak’s XL Color Brushes,available in a variety of colors, bristles, and GLITTER have the broadest appeal in the industry!

Designed to help stylists cover larger sections of hair in a shorter amount of time, these 3” wide brushes save time during any color application process! Our XL Brushes are available in a 2 pack set that includes our signature Feather Bristles brush and a firm bristle brush which both feature wheat fiber handles.

The ultra soft feather brush is designed to assist stylist in creating an effortless gradient effect, while the firm brush allows stylists to have more control while creating precision driven designs.

No matter the bristle, size or shape you choose– Colortrak's premium selection of professional-grade color brushes has you (and your client) covered! 

Explore our hair color brushes now to see the latest and greatest hair stylist tools from Colortrak. 

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