Introducing The Mini Glitter Brush Canister

You asked and we glistened! 

The Mini Glitter Brushes are back by popular demand, this time in packs of 24! 

Colortrak fans, crew members and Ambassadors have generated a cult-like following around our Mini Glitter Brushes, so we’re releasing them at the perfect size to share with the whole salon.

...Or you can keep them to yourself, no shame in that! 

Lightweight, easy on the wrists and easy on the eyes.

Fans will tell you these are the  best brushes for balayage, detail work, and everything in between. Their size and feather-bristle softness are perfect for creating saturated transitional blends and dimensional looks. 

Whether your next project takes 1, 2 or 12 different color blends, our 24-pack canister of Mini Glitter Brushes is your best partner in crime ;)

Faithfully Yours,


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