Sectioning just got a whole lot cooler!

Section, Twist, and Hold.

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With Kat Collet’s deceptively simple (but also ingenious) hair styling technique, you can use a hair stick to section and “clip” strands in one swoop. This makes the sectioning process smoother than ever. 

Unlike traditional sectioning combs and brushes, our Sectioning Stix won't snag on long hair and flyaways. They're the perfect length for creating even, effortlessly symmetrical lines across the scalp, from end to end. 

Less time wasted fighting clients' lengths means more time spent perfecting your dimensional color techniques, up-dos, cuts and everything in between. 


Differentiate Yourself,

Define Your Style.

Let’s get real for a moment. Everything you do at the salon is a reflection of your skill. The end result comes first, but don’t underestimate the power of flare! 

The salon industry is all about bells and whistles, and these surprising little sticks add a ton of “WOW” to an otherwise dreary part of your routine behind the chair. 

That’s what we call a win-win.  

"Will They Work for XXL Hair?"

Duh. When you’re running a top-rated hair salon like she is, you’ll need tools that work for everyone.

The main problem Kat ran into was finding sticks long enough to hold extra thick sections of hair, yet light enough to stay in place.

She came to Colortrak to make the perfect hair chopsticks for the job. Inspired by Y2K-era retro-futurism and our own Ambassador Collection, we designed the Colortrak Sectioning Stix to be longer than the average hair sticks, with perfect points for precision slices. Bonus: they won't stain.

If you know anything about Colortrak, you know we love working with big, beautiful, thick hair (please refer to XXL Processing Caps and XL Color Brushes). These Stix make it easy to work with virtually every hair type and technique.

So yeah, R.I.P. HAIR CLIPS (jk we still love our Croc Clips)!


Yes, you have full permission to wear our Sectioning Stix yourself. <3

P.S. A Brief History Lesson

The first hair sticks date back over 3,600 years. They spread from ancient China to Europe through the trade routes of ancient Greece and Egypt, often serving as a sign of social status. 

Now, hair stylists can proudly wear these Sectioning Stix as a sign of their professional prowess…