Spotlight: The Safari Chic Collection


Colortrak Safari Chic Collection GIF

They call you a stylist– you should work in style, right?

Make a fashion statement yourself by using Colortrak’s Safari Chic collection by Colortrak. We added this posh print to our top-quality hair colorist tools to bring a little more of that je ne sais quoi to your artistic process. 

Get drawn in by classic harvest sand and elegant navy blue animal prints on our hair stylist brushes, clips, and bowls. And if you’re feeling fashionable, pair your Safari tools with Betty Dain’s Safari Chic All Purpose Cape and Apron.

You use your tools every day, and we believe they should be as beautiful as the looks you style. Help your clients stay on-trend while showing off your own new look with yet another fabulous set from Colortrak. 

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