Hair Color Trends: Summer Romance with a Balayage

Summer is here lovelies, and we are just so excited to see all the delicious colors that will grace heads this season! Nothing says fun in the sun quite like a Balayage or “Foilyage”, which will continue to reign strong being the most sought after hair style to achieve.

Industry professionals have shared what hair colors we can expect to see turn heads.

    1. Soft Bronde Balayage by @omgartistry

      Soft Bronde Colortrak Balayage Tools

      The soft transition from dark roots to lighter ends creates a natural look that flatters many skin types. Unlike traditional blonde balayage's, this season's look has that golden glow that sort of makes us feel like going on a cruise. 


    1. Mermaid hair Balayage by @chitabeseau

      Mermaid Hair Color, Salon Tools by Colortrak

      Look like you just came from under the sea with this fun and colorful Mermaid Balayage! Haters, sorry to burst your bubble– mermaid hair is timeless. It ain't going anywhere. With that said, this updated version of mermaid hair adds a splash (punny!) of dimension and pastel to the mix. We adore it!


    1. Mushroom Bronde Balayage by @ricardojarahair

      Mushroom Bronde Balayage Tools by Colortrak

      Mushrooms don’t just look good on pizza, this Mushroom Bronde color is hot, hot, hot. The Mushroom Bronde look takes hair painting to a whole new level, creating ultra-seamless blends from dark to light down the shine-line. Super blended with feather-bristle brushes, of course! 


    1. “Peach Cobbler” Balayage by @folliclefatale

      Peach Cobbler Balayage for Summer, Colortrak Balayage Tools

      As pretty as a peach cobbler, this fiery color has summer written all over it. It's that cool blend of scarlet and canteloupe that brings a playful touch of summer to the new grungey red hair color trend. 


    1. "Iced Mocha" Balayage - @derekcashstyles

      Iced Mocha Balayage Dimensional Balayage Colortrak Salon Tools

      Refreshing shades of chocolate and coffee bring playful warmth to the classic summer blonde, emphasizing rich dimensionality. As we move through 2019 (going by so fast!), we're seeing more dramatic shadows and contours than ever. Love it!

      What's next? Share your balayage on Instagram with the hashtag #Colortrak  and visit @colortrak for more summer inspiration. 


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