Icy Blonde Balayage

Hair as white as snow! Icy blonde with shades of beige is a beautiful color for the holiday season.  Silvery platinum, wintry white blonde, cool beige, and frosted balayage are all cut from the same dreamy ice-blonde cloth, and we're placing them at the top of the hair makeover menu for the start of the coming year. 

Red, Red Wine

This burgundy rouge is the deep color needed for the holiday season. Rich red against white snow will pop and make people do a double take. The deep purple, wine and black tones almost remind us of merlot wine and those sultry, side swept curls are very Jessica Rabbit.

Holographic holiday

Holographic hair is a new hair color trend that will bring the glimmer and shimmer of holidays lights to your salon. This trend is a multidimensional metallic or pastel hue, and the strands seem to change color as the light shifts.

The hand-pressed coloring technique is faster than other popular color applications like foil and balayage and allows the stylist to have greater control over the vibrancy of Holographic hair. 

Pretty Pastel

Light and fun pastel hair for seasonal color. Soft cotton-candy floss, gentle spring flower colors and demure sorbet shades are now part of the holiday hair color palette, and they are well on their way to becoming winter favorites. These soft pastel hair colors enhance the beauty of your complexion and can be used to color your entire hair or just the tips. 

Warm & Cozy Browns

This season create hair as warm as coffee and hot cocoa. These wintry tones like chocolatey brown, espresso, caramel highlights, and toffee are warm and cozy. Perfect for the holiday season!