Inside of every Colortrak customer, there is a love for Pop Art waiting to be discovered. Our team was inspired to create an exhilarating collection of your favorite tools and conceptualized what you now know as the Pop Kiss collection. We wanted to transport our stylists to the 1950s when romance comics were at their peak, and lovers of all things bold, edgy, and love thrived. 

“...We wanted to explore different states of mind when you color, mimicking that fun feeling – trying new things and experimenting...”

Our Creative Director explains that Colortrak wants to take people on a journey with the Pop Kiss Collection she says, “…We wanted to transport our customers as if they were reading a comic book, the feeling of adventure and joy translates to when you are coloring at the salon– trying new things and experimenting – She goes on to describe the importance of melding Pop Art with brushes and foil, “while they are such common tools, they represent so much more in the hands of a colorist.”

The Pop Kiss Collection embraces bold colors while keeping the iconic aesthetic of Pop Art. The blowing kiss symbol is imprinted in the brushes, bowl covers, continuous mist bottle, and croc clips—a perfect representation of one of the most used symbols in pop art iconography, the lips. Artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein used the repetition technique to manifest how evocative these symbols were and how significant they were to the people that used them.

The Pop Kiss Collection is available on our website.


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