How-To: Seamless Balayage

Our balayage videos have helped hair stylists everywhere get the most out of their work, so we put the best of them together!   

As fearless innovators and super-fans of dimensional color, the Colortrak team is obsessed with designing the ideal tools for balayage. Whether we're creating soft-bristle blending brushes or experimenting with new foils, we're always on the lookout for better ways to color hair. 

These three videos will show you how to create beautiful balayage looks and dramatic color-blends without the hassle. Stylists, grab your notepads and get ready to try some exciting balayage techniques that the #ColortrakFam couldn't live without. 

1. The Classic Balayage, Using Colortrak Hair Coloring Film

Take your technique to the next level with Colortrak's hair coloring film and our balayage tools! Our cling-free film lets you see your color process, which is perfect for adjusting your blonde to the perfect shade without opening up and closing messy foil sheets. Film also reduces evaporation, lifting color without drying out your products. 

Oh, and don't forget to try our lates and greatest addition to the Colortrak line, pre-cut color-control film sheets

2. Masterful Lowlights, featuring the Colortrak Balayage Board

If you're not using a board, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to customize the definition of your color. Don't forget, definition isn't all about bleach! Colortrak wants to support you through the highs and lows of your color process, which is why we had to include this lowlight tutorial as a must-watch for high-contrast balayage techniques. 

3. Soft and Vibrant Balayage with Colortrak Spongelights

Colortrak Spongelights give your balayage a distrinct softness. They're perfect for gentle blending, offering great control over saturation and smoothness. We've converted countless stylists into spongelight believers– you have to try it to experience the magic. :)

Colortrak Balayage Using Spongelightscolortrak spongelights balayage technique example

Now it's time to try these balayage techniques and tools irl!

As always, we suggest choosing professional-quality products if you want professional-quality results. Explore our store to stock up on Colortrak foil, film and meche, balayage tools and everything in between! 

P.S. Share your best Colortrak balayage and tag #colortrakfam for a chance to be featured on our Instagram



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