Ambassador Collection Bowls 4pk
ambassador Collection Tint Bowl, Colortrak Dye Bowl With Lid
Ambassador Collection Dye Mixing Bowls by Colortrak
Ambassador Collection Bowls 4pk

Ambassador Collection Bowls 4pk


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The Colortrak Ambassador Bowls are crystal clear for easy color spotting. Even high-quality color undergoes chemical changes when exposed to the air. That's why our stylist-inspired Ambasador Collection bows feature air-tight lids to keep color (without developer, of course) fresh and vibrant. 

Bonus Feature: Write your color formula or client’s name on the bowls! Permanent marker is easily removed with Colortrak Hair color Remover Wipes.

Crystal clear for easy color spotting

Designed with a thick, durable material

Includes air-tight lids for color preservation

2 Standard & 2 Extra Large sizes

Easy to clean