Colortrak Mini Glitter Trio (Bowls & Brush Kit)
Colortrak Salon Color Tools, Balayage Brushes Mini Glitter Trio
Colortrak Mini Glitter Trio (Bowls & Brush Kit)
Colortrak Mini Glitter Trio Salon Tools, Colorist Bowls an Brushes
Colortrak Mini Glitter Trio (Bowls & Brush Kit)

3pk Mini Glitter Trio


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  • NOT AFRAID TO SPARKLE: Three 1.25" Mini Brushes with colorful feather bristles are included for applying smaller amounts of color. These dazzling glitter brushes come in a set of three transparent colors, including Sassy Pink, Electric Blue, and Royal Purple.
  • NON-SLIP MINI BOWLS: Three Mini Interlocking Color Bowls with non-slip rubber rings on the bottom coordinate perfectly with brushes and help you create new looks for clients with ease. Connect an unlimited amount of bowls together for easy handling.
  • PROFESSIONAL TINTING WITH NO MESS: Use the ultra-soft-feather bristles for blending and creating perfect transitional shades, easily dipping into non-slip bowls with no spills or mess.
  • GLITTER WHILE YOU WORK: Colortrak 3 Pack Mini Glitter Trio Brush & Bowl Set is perfect for highlighting and coloring using small amounts of color. With this set of brushes and bowls you'll have everything you need to make your clients sparkle with joy over their stunning results.
  • PUSHING BOUNDARIES WITH COLORTRAK: Colortrak specializes in a line of vibrant, comfortable and effective professional salon products including everything you need for styling, coloring and processing applications. Incorporating ergonomic features, tasteful design, and real-world testing by select brand ambassadors, Colortrak products are pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of hair color.

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