Embossed foil sheets by Colortrak
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colortrak embossed foil sheets
Non-Slip Highlighting Foil, Colortrak Hair Color Supply
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Colortrak Embossed Hair Color Foil
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Extra long embossed foil sheets Colortrak
colortrak extra long embossed foil sheets
Embossed salon foil sheets

Embossed Foil Sheets


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Extra long foil techniques require a little extra hold, that's where our Embossed Foil Sheets come to the rescue! Deep texture embedded into our thickest foil holds on to long styles better than traditional foils, preventing slip and color-bleeding. 
These super-long sheets are perfect for highlighting and freehand coloring techniques – fold them or lay them flat, the possibilities are endless.
  • Pre-cut, ready to use Embossed sheets in 5" x 12" and 5" x 16"
  • Non-slip, no tissues
  • Color: Silver